Joe Currie On Personal Growth and What Gives Him Hope


For the second interview of our Sḵwálwen Spirit series, we spoke with Joe Currie, who lives in Vancouver, B.C. Joe is from Maskwacis, formerly known as Hobbema, located in central Alberta. He is Cree on his mom’s side and Blackfoot on his dad’s side.


Joe has a diploma of Fine Arts and plans to study kinesiology. His passion is personal training.


When you think of “feeding your spirit,” what comes to mind?


My spirit feels fed when I am taking care of myself, when I am growing. Over the years, the more I get to know myself, my thoughts, my awareness, my perceptions, and the more I’m in tune with how my ancestors lived, the more my spirit feels fed. When I’m growing every day spiritually, mentally and physically — when my cup is full — I can give the overflow to the people I love. 



What hobbies or activities feed your spirit?


Exercising, reading, Ceremony, fasting, personal development, learning, meditation, exposure to cold. All things I hold close to my heart, for my well being. 


What inspires you? 


When I see strangers that are kind to each other. That gives me hope. Kindness to one another is a stark reminder that we are all in this world together. 



How can you tell when you’re in need of feeding your spirit?


When I fall out of routine, when I stop taking care of myself, that’s when I feel out of balance. Usually I’ll meditate or get out to nature.


What is your favourite Sḵwálwen Botanicals product?


The Kalkáy Wild Rose Toner


Thank you, Joseph!


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