New Products? Oh Yes.

With the launch of Sḵwálwen Botanicals (formerly The Wild Botanicals), we want to share an overview of the changes in our skincare collection and highlight our exciting new offerings! 

The products are streamlined into four main categories: Kalkáy (call-kay) Wild Rose LineTewín’xw (too-ay-nooh) Cranberry Rose Line, Téýwilh (tie-wayth) Sweetgrass and Sage Line and the seasonal Kw'enikwáy (kwa-in-i-kway) Wild Poplar Line

There are also a few single items: the Nékwentsut Rose+Nettle+Mint Tea, Pá7pawtn Nettle and Arnica Sore Muscle Salve and Kw’as Cocomint Lip Balm

To make room for new products, we have let go of some of our original offerings including the Body Butter bar, Facial Steam and Nettle Bath Salts. But stay tuned, as we are revamping the Nettle Bath Salts and they will be re-released under an upcoming line! 

Over the past several months, I (Leigh) have put my heart into formulating and test driving four brand-new products. 

The first two are available now: 

The Kalkáy Wild Rose Face Masque ~ A wonderfully gentle and effective masque I created to renew the skin and reduce redness and inflammation. Many of you shared with me that you would love a masque to be added to our collection, and I took this to heart! The amazing rose scent calms the senses and the skin, making this luxe masque the perfect way to slow down for 15-20 mins and practice self-care. 

Kw’enikwáy Wild Poplar Whipped Body Butter ~ In a word, this body butter is DECADENT. It leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft and smelling of the spring scent of wild poplar buds. A personal favourite!


These two products are COMING SOON...

Tewín’xw Cranberry Rose Cream ~ A nourishing cream for the face and body that renews the skin and leaves it glowing.

Téýwilh Sweetgrass, Sage and Rose Geranium Cream ~ A beautifully rich and fragrant cream with a blend of organic oils, hydrosols and essential oils. This cream is also formulated for both the face and body.


A note on pricing:

You may notice a small increase on the price of some products. As the business has evolved, Sḵwálwen has fine-tuned the ingredients we use, and this is reflected in product prices. We use the highest-quality organic oils and work with sustainable suppliers whenever possible to ensure they come from a renewable source. The exceptional quality of these ingredients is not only better for your skin, it extends the shelf life of our products, minimizing waste and enabling you to use them for longer.

Additionally, Sḵwálwen has enhanced our products’ packaging with frosted glass bottles for a clean, modern aesthetic that complements our labels. (We hope you love the look!) With the goal of being as environmentally-conscious as possible, we are striving to phase out plastic and further embrace sustainable packaging practices as we grow.

As always, Huy Chexw a (Thank you) for your support. I hope you enjoy these new Sḵwálwen products — and your old favourites — as much as I love creating them.

Leigh Joseph
Founder, Sḵwálwen Botanicals


  • Sandy

    I live in Port Mc Neill BC. I’m looking forward to trying your product as I love to support local businesses and love mother nature products. I have comfrey in back yard and would love to make a salve:) My in-laws are Vegan. Are your products Vegan if so which ones can I buy for them?

  • Susan Kelsh

    I was gifted a bottle of the Teywilh face and body cream. I am a senior with very dry and wrinkling skin. I was a bit worried when I first applied a small amount of it to my face since it immediately felt oily as it spread on my face. Then I realized how much softer and nourished my skin felt and looked. I also was amazed at how quickly it absorbed into my skin. I am now looking forward to trying some of your other products and gifting some to my sister who first discovered your line of products. Thank you for your care in making such excellent skin care products and doing it in as sustainable as possible methods.

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