Skwálwen Wellness Bundle (with Mimts' Hand Sanitizer, Liquid Hand Soap and Restorative Hand Balm)

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The Sḵwálwen Wellness Bundle started with the Mimts' Hand Sanitizer, formulated to meet the current commercial shortage.
Recognizing the need for nourishing hand care products amidst a time of increased hand washing, we expanded Skwalwen's offerings to include the gentle Mimts' Liquid Hand Soap (with Usnea and Aloe) and Mimts' Restorative Hand Balm (with Usnea and Shea Butter). 
This Wellness Bundle, complete with Mimt's Hand Sanitizer, Liquid Hand Soap and Hand Balm, allows for a full hand care regimen that cleanses, soothes, and restores your hands. These products are available as a bundle or individually.
(Choose Bundle for a 10% savings on the total price of these three items.)
All of these products are made with love and wishes for health and well being.
For full descriptions, ingredients and instructions, view products individually: 

Mimts' Liquid Hand Soap

Mimts' Restorative Hand Balm