Chief Janice George on Spiritual Protection and Sharing Her Teachings

By Leigh Joseph

With so much going on in the world, it feels essential these days to keep our spirits nourished. When we’re moving through life from a place of connection, we’re better equipped to face challenges ~ both personal and planetwide.  

To explore this idea further, today we’re introducing our Skwálwen Spirit series. We asked Chief Janice George of Squamish, “What feeds your spirit?” She says:

“When I think of feeding my spirit, it is taking care of mind, body and spirit equally. Every day when I look out my door, I see what the ancestors have kept for me, my home, my family, our beautiful territory. 

I am a weaver. I teach weaving and the history of weaving because it brings pride to Salish people to see the genius of our ancestors. We are taught spiritual protection is part of what we are wearing and feel the love that is put in each hand movement it takes to make a robe.

I love sharing the teachings I know, and carrying the weaving traditions, that tell us how to be in life. It is the least I can do for our ancestors and those yet to come. 

When I am tired I know to feed my spirit. When I feel and look tired I take care of my skin and also what my husband and I eat. My favourite Skwálwen product is the Tewin’xw Cranberry Rose Facial Serum. I am 62 now and need to care for my skin.”

Huy chexw a / thank you, Janice!

I’d love to hear in the comments ~ what feeds YOUR spirit?

*Chief Janice George is my sata (auntie). Her Chieftainship comes from Sen̓áḵw, a Squamish village site located near what is now known as Kitsilano in Vancouver, B.C.

She carries two ancestral names: Anaxen, given to her by her great grandmother at birth, and Chepximiya Siyam, her ancestor from Sen̓áḵw

You can learn more about her weaving projects at  L’hen Awtxw Weaving House.

*2nd image: “Capilano Little Ones” students, showing their weavings worn for Winter Celebration.