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Good Heart: The Art of Salish Wool Weaving

My favourite way to spend the day is in front of my Salish loom, wool weaving. I love the process of making something and seeing how beautiful it turns out. 

Artist Ocean Hyland on Creative Rituals, Language and Learning from the Land

Ocean Hyland is an artist, activist and member of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation. She has collaborated with Skwálwen Botanicals on two projects, creating the imagery for our T-shirts and Totes, incorporating culturally important plants into the design. 

Keisha Amanda Charnley on Spirit Work, Her Favourite Serum, and Approaching Every Day Like a Ceremony

For the third interview of our Sḵwálwen Spirit series, we spoke with Keisha Charnley. Keisha is from the Katzie First Nation of the Lower Fraser Valley, B.C. and Blackburn, Lancashire, England. She lives in New Westminster, B.C. and is training...

Chief Janice George on Spiritual Protection and Sharing Her Teachings

With so much going on in the world, it feels essential these days to keep our spirits nourished. When we’re moving through life from a place of connection, we’re better equipped to face challenges ~ both personal and planetwide.   To...

Recipe: Rosehip, Nettle and Mint Tea for Boosting Immunity

Sḵwálwen’s Nekwensut Tea (neck-went-suit ~ translates to ‘warm oneself’ in the Squamish language) is an excellent immunity booster. With this simple recipe, you can make it yourself if you have the plant ingredients on hand.

5 Reasons to Incorporate Wild Rose into your Skincare Routine

Rose reduces redness, irritation and inflammation. This makes it a well-tolerated ingredient across a range of skin types including sensitive skin. 

Sḵwálwen: The Story Behind the Name

From day one of envisioning this business, I wanted it to have a name that would capture the essence of what this journey means to me, and what motivates me to pursue the challenging and fulfilling path of being an entrepreneur.