5 Reasons to Incorporate Wild Rose into your Skincare Routine

By Leigh Joseph

When we launched the Kalkáy (call-kay) Wild Rose line back in 2017, I had a feeling it would be popular, but I couldn’t have predicted what an amazing response it would have. The facial oil, toner, and face masque are all fan favourites! Here, we want to share more about what makes wild rose so special.

  1. The scent of wild rose is transcendent. With every product we create, scent is an integral part of the experience, and the delicate floral notes of wild rose are soothing to the senses and to your skin. Next time you apply the oil or masque, take a moment to just relax and breathe in the scent — it will calm your mind and create a sense of ease.
  1. Rose has been a central ingredient in skincare for centuries. In Squamish tradition, the petals have been used topically to soothe skin irritation and they are rich in antioxidants which are nourishing and regenerative for our skin. When you incorporate wild rose into your skincare routine, you’re drawing on ancient rituals that connect us to ancestral wisdom.

  1. Wild rose reminds us to maintain a respectful and sustainable relationship with our natural environment. I have been taught to always leave two petals on each rose flower I harvest from. This ensures that pollinators still have somewhere to land and the flower can be pollinated and develop into a rosehip. Rosehips are the fruit of the wild rose plant. Not only are they an incredible ingredient for skincare, they are also a nutritious food for animals and birds. Following sustainable harvest practices ensures this wonderful plant can benefit all lifeforms that interact with it. 
  1. Rose reduces redness, irritation and inflammation. This makes it a well-tolerated ingredient across a range of skin types including sensitive skin. I love that so many of you can enjoy and benefit from wild rose, no matter your skin type.
  1. Wild rose is an uplifting, healing plant. When I harvest wild rose, my heart and mind feel so peaceful. The scent of the petals at the height of the heat of the day are both soothing and grounding. We can all use a little bit of heart medicine now and then, and incorporating wild rose into your daily self-care ritual is a beautiful way to invite this in. 

Have you tried any of the Kalkáy Wild Rose products? What has been the effect on your skin and how does the scent make you feel?