Formulation Philosophy

We evolved with plants and have been using them in our medicines for millennia. It is inherent to our humanity that we gravitate towards, understand, and benefit from the wide array of vitamins, nutrients and minerals they provide.

At Sḵwálwen, we sustainably harvest and source sacred plants that are known to help heal, hydrate, renew and bring balance. Our heritage botanicals grow and thrive in particular terroir. We observe these plants throughout their growing season, looking for the cues and signs that they are ready to be harvested. This kind of awareness leads to a connection to place and a knowledge that can only be developed over time.

Each batch of Sḵwálwen products is made with care and intention, bringing you luxurious skincare products free from harsh chemicals, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors and parabens.

This difference is felt in the rich, soothing textures of our formulas, and seen in the bright, soft, glowing skin that is achieved.

Our Formulation Philosophy is rooted in four promises:


As members of the Squamish Nation, we carry forward the wisdom of our ancestors, formulating our products based on the intricate understanding of Indigenous plant science, a legacy passed down through generations of our people.


Our commitment to the Earth echoes the teachings of our ancestors. We uphold the values of sustainability, transparency, and regenerative practices, respecting Mother Earth and ensuring the continued abundance of her gifts.


Each product is a testament to our ancestral traditions, a tribute to sacred ceremonies of reclamation and renewal. As you journey with us, you're not just using a product, you're partaking in a timeless ritual, reconnecting with the wisdom of the Land.


Sḵwálwen is an invitation to embark on a journey of renewal, embracing our heritage of natural care and nurturing, reclaiming your skin's vitality. Our formulations are designed with a deep respect for nature, promoting a harmonious balance between your skin and the world around you.